Dream interpretation Flying

Flying dreams are very enjoyable and are considered as good omen. This is a kind of lucid fantasy. It means that a person  would know that he is flying in his fantasy.

Dream of flying

Such experience is indicating that you are in full control of your life. In fact you are on the top of the world and are having a good time. If you are trying to become successful, and in process of that, you see that fantasy, then it means that your good time is coming.

Another interpretation of it is that you have developed yourself and are on the road of achieving more success in the near future.

If you had a good trip and you felt like the boss- then you are really the boss at the moment. Your self-esteem is really high and you can do anything you like. Try to cash your full swing as you are having a good focus and are in position to handle complex tasks with impressive success.

This is also a proof of your healthy body and mind if the implications were positive for you. You are courageous person and are not worried to take responsibilities. Along with that you have great ambitions which you are surely going to achieve in a short span of time.

a bird flying

Dream interpretation falling

In contrast to above situation, if you find yourself struggling while flying, then it would represent your messy life. Things are quite complicated and you are not able to control various aspects of your life.

It also points out that if you are looking for some success in career, you will be met with a lot of obstacles and hindrances. This is the time to reassess your life and set goals. May be you are not on the right path.

Your ability to manage things is really poor if you saw yourself struggling during flying in the air. Your emotions are also important to consider while seeing that lucid reverie.

Were are worrying, confused or really enjoying your trip? If you found it a bitter experience, then it means that you lack self confidence and are thinking too much about a certain think. You mind and soul are not in harmony.

Fear during flying reflects that you are not in position to accept responsibilities in your waking lie. In fact you should be more open to accept new responsibilities, as it will help you to become a better person.

You will also have a great boost-up and will enjoy a good sense of motivation. As motivation is very important for doing anything which asks you to come out of your comfort zone.

If you saw yourself in trouble , then don’t worry at all. You can rise up from your this level if you work hard and overcome your fears and weaknesses. There is always the space for improvement and the only hindrance is your mindset.

a girl sleeping

There are so many ways by which you can overcome your low level of motivation. You can fill your life with energetic, enthusiastic and optimistic approach just by reading some good books and quotes. Also try to achieve something in your life.

No matter a small goal, but you should set one and then achieve it. This way you will find yourself capable of achieving goals and then raise the bar slowly and achieve them. Hope you will find yourself flying in a comfortable way soon.

Good luck.